I collected watches for a few years before I discovered Vintage Chinese Mechanicals in September 2010. The watches at myvcms.com have been accumulated since that time and are all from my own collection. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.

To see some discussion of the watches in this collection at watchuseek.com click here. I check in at Watchuseek and International Watch League from time to time. Please feel free to send a pm.

myvcms.com wouldn't be possible without the hard work and kind help of many people, most of whom are involved in the following projects.

The watch forums are excellent sources of information and provide some great eye candy, thanks to members who graciously share their knowledge and photos of their collections.


watchuseek.com Chinese Mechanical Watches Forum

intlwatchleague.com Made in China


watchlead.com 中国钟表

watchstore.com.cn 国产系表区

iwatch365.net 中国国产表论坛

xitek.com 收藏国产手表 , xitek.com 收藏国产手表(二)

A very informative site:

Chinese Watch Wiki

A big thank you 谢谢 to those who display pictures of their awe-inspiring collections:

Micmicmor Vintage Watch


Alberta Museum of Chinese Horology in Peace River

Ozputera A Hobbyist's Collection of China Made Vintage Watches

Martin_B's Collection at watchuseek.com

Torsten's Zhongshan collection part 1 Torsten's Zhongshan collection part 2

Martback's collection at watchuseek.com

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